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                                Airport runway&taxiway deicing anti-icing fluid


                                YSCHEM E36


                                50% aqueous potassium acetate solution,plus corrosion inhibitors by weight


                                Clear colorless,mobile liquid,free from matter in suspension


                                At 20℃(68℉)=10.7bs.t/gallon(1.28g/cm3)


                                At 20℃(68℉)=10cp(maximum)

                                Flash point

                                At 0℃(32℉)=20cp(maximum)

                                Freezing point


                                Miscibility with water



                                No special storage required

                                Typical pH


                                Specific gravity

                                At 20℃(68℉)=1.25-1.30

                                Packing:IBC Drum

                                Application:YSCHEM E36 can be used on runways,taxiways,and aircraft maneuvering areas and can remove frozen deposits of frost and ice.

                                Deicing :1 gallon/1000ft(50g/m)near 32 ℉(0℃)on thin ice

                                              3 gallons/1000ft(150g/m)below 10 ℉(-12℃)on 1inch ice


                                Re-apply when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond.

                                Chisel to break ice can reduce diluted concentration.

                                Prewetting-apply at spreader outlet at a rate of 1.25 gallons per 100 lbd(130g/kg)of solid deicer.

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