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                                 Sodium acetate,anhydrous
                                 Sodium acetate,trihydrate
                                 Potassium acetate
                                 Ammonium acetate

                                • Leader in Acetates Industry---Wuxi Yangshan Biochemical Co., Ltd. Since the foundation in 2001, Wuxi Yangshan Biochemical Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Yangshan Biochemical) has devoted to Acetates R&D and Production. In Acetates industry, we are the only one to adopt Siemens PLC System and HACCP (Grade 100,000) Clean Packaging Line.The factory covers an area of 13,000 m2 and annual capacity has reached 60,000 MT. Stereoscopic Warehouse has 800 Warehouse Locations for solid products and 500m3...           MORE>>>

                                •      2001 Foundation of Wuxi Yangshan Biochemical Co., Ltd. Main activity: Acetates Production
                                       2002 Start of doing OEM for Bayer.
                                       2005 Start implement of ERP-system.
                                       2007 Acquisition ISO 9001-2000, Kosher, Halal
                                       2009 Start to source and audit to domestic chemical manufacturer for all globe chemical product buyer.
                                       2010 Acquisition ISO 22000 (HACCP), ISO 9001-2008
                                       2016 Finished REACH Pre-Registration for main products. Establish Wuxi Chenghong Import&Export Co.,Ltd.
                                • Halal 2016-2019  KOSHER  ISO 22000:2005  ISO 9001:2015  
                                • facilities  facilities  facilities  facilities  facilities  facilities  facilities  facilities  facilities  
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